MIR Golden Eagle Republics of the Silk Road by Private Train (17 Day)

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Has anyone taken this trip to visit all Five Stans via a Private Train? If you have any comments on your trip or any other trips on the Golden Eagle. Thanks Jim

This is ITN article of someone who took the Golden Eagle sign in to read to whole article:


I was the author of the article cited above. I took the Golden Eagle, and indeed it IS a luxury train of the first order. EVERYTHING is included, including liquor if you take any level of service above the bottom ( gold or higher ). I have absolutely NO trepidations or reservations about this train. However, I would advise you to shop around for price. You can likely book through the Golden Eagle itself for the lowest price, or through an agent who sub-contracts ( we booked our Russia trip through MIR ). DO NOT book this trip through any of the companies, such as National Geographic or Smithsonian Journeys; you'll pay a coupe of thousand dollars more for essentially, the same thing. The Golden Eagle provided all guides and admissions as well as transportation; National Geographic and Smithsonian Journeys do likewise, but they also provide their own dedicated program director and transportation. We found this to be unnecessary, as the golden Eagle provided us with essentially the same amenities. And you don't get any additional personal service. The Golden Eagle is a great experience and well worth the money.