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Has anyone ever traveled with Mircorp.  They advertise in ITN and their trips to Mongolia and other places look interesting.  Would appreciate any feedback you have.  Thank you.

I've traveled with them several times and was very happy.  You've made a very general inquiry - you might get better results if you have specific questions.  I'd be happy to try to answer any such questions.

I always hear good things about MIR and they have some unique itineraries.  But when negotiating with them for a stay in Uzbekistan, they wanted to charge me extra for leaving a bag at a hotel.  I thought this was very strange (and a deal-breaker) and ended up going with another company.  

We used MIr in 2007 for a 6 person private tour in Russia.  Highly satisfactory and very professional.  A very good experience, especially after one of our party had to be hospitalized in St. Petersburg.  Mir made all the necessary arrangements flawlessly.