Mont St Michel

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I last visited Mont St Michel 45 years ago. I am planning to return this fall. For those of you who have visited recently my question is: is it worth it to stay there overnight or is the Rick Steve's suggestion to take a day trip from Bayeux adequate. I understand that without a car it is a difficult location to visit. I will only being using trains/busses on my trip. Thanks for your suggestions.

Here is train info: /or/
Another option is to take a TGV train to the Pontorson-Mont St Michel train station (up to 4 a day), with a stopover in Rennes. The Pontorson train station is no more than 15 minutes from Mont St. Michel. Buses are available several times a day. You can get a schedule from the Pontorson train station

My husband and I visited Mont St. Michel in the late 1990s. We had a car and just left it on the causeway overnight. No problems. I would definitely stay on the island overnight. All the tourists leave, and it's very quiet and peaceful. We stayed at a small hotel, La Croix Blanche. From my window, I saw the abbey in the afternoon, night, and morning. Just gorgeous; a site I will not forget. The food at our hotel was quite good, although there were a number of other places we could eat.

Yes, stay there. When the tour buses leave you have the place to many fewer people. We biked there and they stored our bikes in the hotel basement. We had a long dinner, first we saw people completing their walk from the eastern shore to the island and later we watched the tide sweep in. Don't do that without a seasoned guide. There are places with quick sand and you need that guide's sense of the tides.

Our information is also relatively old. We were there in November 2002 and spent the night there (we were on a self-drive trip). Since we were driving, I would suggest spending the night there. But if you are dependent on buses/trains that could be a problem. Still, we did not have to worry about how much time we spent there. If you are worried about bus/train schedules -- that could be difficult. I like to have more relaxed time available for our touring visits. And it took us quite a while to hike up to the top as well! If you are fit, you wouldn't have the problem my knees had!