Morocco tour planning company?

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Looking for recommendations (positive or negative) for companies that do private tour arrangements for Morocco. Our planned itinerary includes Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Volubilis and Rabat. Timeframe is Jan 2020. Thanks in advance!

We are using Eason Wang at Odynovo for a private tour of Morocco this Fall. Eason has done three other trips for us and is extremely responsive to our needs. He has traveled to Morocco himself. Located in China, Odynovo has excellent relationships with the local companies that provide the service.

I think that independent, guided tours are the way to go. I went with Road Scholar and found that their interests didn’t really match mine. It’s a great place to visit, don’t miss Chefchaouen!

I traveled to Morocco last fall with Overseas Adventure Travel. Absolutely loved the trip, and we went to all the places you mentioned. OAT does not use travel book directly through them.

I am also looking at Morocco Tour options. Unfortunately, OAT is not available for our date (October 2020 and group size(10).
I'm looking at, Experience IT and an independent tour guide. Is any familiar with these two companies? They do custom trips.

First of all, take a look at the short piece on Morocco I had published in the May 2019 issue of ITN (page 37). My husband and I were in Morocco about six days in December 2018. In Fez I used a private guide, Khalid Akhdim (, who gave us a wonderful day tour. He is the perfect guide. The next day, the helpful people at our riad (Riad Myra) arranged a car and driver to go to Volubilis. In Tangier my hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) arranged a car and driver for a two-hour city tour (around US$40, I think).
If you contact Khalid, mention my name (Dorothy Botnick) and tell him what you want to do. He cannot arrange the entire tour for you, but he can contact his company to do the job. I almost always design our trips and use travel companies within the country we are visiting to make the arrangements and provide private guides. I do my research and have found this method to be no more expensive (and sometimes less so) than good tour companies like OAT and Road Scholar. It is personalized and not as rigid. There are great benefits to using a local company versus one based in the U.S.
By the way, I found Khalid by researching ITN articles on the web site. In one of the pieces, someone recommended a private guide in Marrakesh. I contacted him, and he referred me to Khalid. This is a long answer, but I hope it helps. Good luck.

May be late but this guide was terrific