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Am looking for suggestions for a company that offers a good itinerary for Namibia that primarily visits villages and tribal areas. I'm familiar with OAT, Explore and Eldertreks offer but hope to find other options. Thank you.

Take a look at the offerings from Africa Adventure Company based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The Great Namibian Jorney with Widerness Safaris might be an option.

Have been twice in 20 years and will be returning in 2014.
First time with Skeleton Coast Safaris started by Louw Schoeman and now run by his son Burtus. Louw was instrumental in developing Skeleton Coast Park and Burtus shares that interest. The whole experience was spectacular.

Second time was with Wilderness Safaris 10 years ago. They have upgraded or added to their camps, I am told. It was an enjoyable experience.

The upcoming trip in 2014 I would like to use SCS again because it was so 'special'. But they were considerably more $ the last I checked (10 years ago)--probably worth it, for the experience.

That said, you should NOT miss Okonjima--home of the Africat Foundation. This is probably the only place you will see cats in Namibia. But you will be going for the Bushman Walk, the very best in Southern Africa....

You can rent a 4x4 and do the trip on your own - very feasible... book online directly - many options.