Namibia? Botswana?

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Am looking for advice concerning these two countries. I've done South Africa and Chobe National Park and have seen lots of animals. I would like to experience more culture and tribal life -- like the Himba people of Namibia. Which country might be better for more of these types of experiences? Thank you for your advice and suggestions!

You will find more variety, as far as culture, tribal life, topography and, definitely history, in Namibia. Botswana has more similarities to other southern African countries, so I think Namibia will better meet your criteria as listed above.

Namibia for sure.
Skeletal Coast safaris the best but Wilderness Safaris is ok.

Namibia is far better for what you seek. Renting a car (4 wheel drive pick up) Was easy and safe. Much better way to see the country. Fly, do not attempt to drive to Skeleton Coast area.

I agree Namibia offers more tribal opportunities... if you want to see true nomadic Hima - you will need to put aside 3-4 days to go near the Angola border - otherwise you can see small groups between Etosha and Skeleton Coast. I suggest staying 'inise' Etosha Park in both 2 lodges were there are watering holes.... simple beautiful... make a stop at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo...Enjoy!

Whereas Botswana's cultural activities are possibly more remote,more pricy and thus harder to access than Namibia's Herero and Himba tribes, you can get some wonderful experiences with the San and the Bayei people in the Kalahari. I'd suggest you look at Jack's Camp/San Camp; Khwai Village on the northern Moremi Game Park boundary. The Okavango Delta is full of cultural history from when the Bayei, Hambakushu, Herero and other subjagated tribes fled from various dominant tribes from around central Africa into the Kalahari.