Native Eye Travel or Imaginative Travel?

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I am thinking about Ghana, Benin, and Togo summer 2019--and there are almost exact small group tour itineraries (even leaving the same day!) through both Native Eye Travel and Imaginative Tours Travel. Any insight on either of these companies and their tours of Ghana, Benin, and Togo? It is hard to find reviews of Native Eye.... Thank you so much for any information.

I wrote a cover article in the September 2017 issue about Native Eye In Eastern Europe. We loved that tour and customer service so much we are taking their Caucasus tour in September this year. Granted, Eastern Europe is not West Africa. Jim O'Brien, the owner of the Native Eye is always available to answer any questions and customize any options you might want. One question you might want to ask is if the two British tour companies are using the same local operator and if the tours are actually one in the same. Differences in price might just be their mark-up and any added value for insurance, credit card payments or other amenities.