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This fall we are interested in traveling to NE Italy, basically the area north of Venice (Friuli, the Veneto, etc.). We have been to Italy several times and can speak some Italian but have never visited this region. We are independent travelers and are comfortable both driving and using the rail system. Any recommendations about things to see and do, places to stay and/or eat, shops/wineries/artisans to be visited, and local hosts/tour guides will be appreciated. We are in our 60s and in good health (knock on wood).

I haven't done this yet but have read positive reviews. You might want to look into it.

Cruising the Brenta Canal - Take a leisurely day-long boat ride to visit some of the palaces and villas of the Brenta Canal between Venice and Padova (Padua)

I lived in Desenzano on Lake Garda which stole my heart forever so I am biased - this small town is on the main East West train line and maybe not as far east as you would like to explore, but is a very good small town to base your explorations from -- we loved the Hotel Piroscafo right in the heart of this little town where you can still pretend the tourists have not totally taken over everything. From the hotel it is a 20 minute walk (slightly uphill) to the train station if walking is okay for you. Easy coming back down to the hotel.

It is a few hours by train to Venice and Milan (easiest airport connection to the US) from Desenzano and you can get to all the major historic cities in this area in day trips by train or the long distance buses, as well as Lake Garda exploration from the harbor port and bus stop right by the hotel. Some excellent restaurants in this town as it seems to attract wealthy business people from Milan for the weekends. Close by Verona is another city we love. And you can travel up into the Tyrol and even the Dolomites as well as the hill towns outside of Vicenza like Asolo, again about a hour or so away, but by rental car.

Thanks. We have stayed on the west shore of Garda, but never the east.

Thanks. It sounds interesting as we are fond of both Padova and Venezia,

Thanks. We are fond of both Padova and Venezia.