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<p>We are in early 70&#39;s, camp and do 2-5 mile hikes on flat and easy rolling terrain.&nbsp; We focus on small towns, native cultures, birding, and landscapes.&nbsp; We&#39;d greatly appreciate insights on relative merits of these countries for a 3-week.&nbsp; Thanks.</p><p>John</p>

Am not sure if you are thinking of a group trip, or a private trip, so I want to recommend the company I used in Nepal.  Since there are two of you, it would be easy to do a custom tour tailored to your interests.  This is the company I used in Nepal a few years ago:   Yeti Holidays (do not confuse with Yeti Travels)   P.O. Box 2011, Tilganga   Kathmandu, Nepal   tel: 977-1-4469915, 4461892, 4461252   fax: 977-1-4465940        They do the local arrangements for various companies, including Overseas Adventure Travel and everything is top notch. It is part of a larger group that includes Yeti Airlines, the leading domestic airline in Nepal.    On the  Annapurna area treks, they use the Ker and Downey lodges (/       If you contact Yeti Holidays, make Rajesh Regmi (operations manager)  or Manish Thapa (assistant manager) your first contacts.  These are the two men I worked with during my visit.       I visited their offices -- very professional,  very modern with lots of activity and lots of people working there.    Hope this helps!

Thanks.  We'll contact them.John

Thanks, Skunkman.  OAT is a good thought.John

<p>If we were to plan our own trip with a local tourism company, would you have any suggestions?&nbsp; We&#39;ve been on several OAT trips but doubt we&#39;ll use them again.</p>