North Cyprus ERCAN Airport Transfers

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Does any one know if it will be a problem to get a taxi to a hotel in Lefkosia/Nicosia if arriving at 8 pm at Ercan airport? Also is it difficult to walk across the border between the two sides for day trips? Are multiply transits a problem? Is it better to stay in the North the day before going to the airport for flight back to USA at 4 am? We have booked airline tickets on Turkish. We are going in October for two weeks and would like to see Nicosia before renting a car. Any recommendations for reasonably (less than $150) priced hotel or apartment in Nicosia that is convenient for walking around the city? Up to 20 minutes to sites is okay.

No problem getting a taxi at 8pm.

No problem crossing the border - just make sure that you have a passport. There may be insurance issues if you drive across - check with your rental car company if they allow you to cross the border with a rental car.

Can't help you on the hotel/apartment. It is pretty dead in the Turkish-occupied area of Nicosia at night.

I live in the legitimate Republic of Cyprus (moved here from Florida last year) so I can try to answer any questions you have. I have limited knowledge of the Turkish-occupied area.

Sounds like arriving at ERCAN isn't a problem. Since it is dead in the Northern part of Nicosia, if we stay in the Republic will we have trouble getting a taxi to ERCAN Airport and crossing the border at mid-night? I don't make an assumption that what works at 8 pm will still work at mid-night.

We have rented a car that can be taken to the North as we want to see Salamis, Famagusta, and Kyrenia in the North. I'm not having an easy time finding hotels or apartments in the North but will check the British site that the other responder sent.

Here is an option for taxis. It would be wise to book in advance.

This website may also help you with your travel plans.

Frankly, I am confused as to what you are trying to do with your itinerary. As best as I can figure, you are flying into and out of Ercan but you want to stay in Nicosia and are now considering staying in the Republic of Cyprus rather than in the occupied area. If that is so, why not just fly into/out of Larnaca? Are you planning to stay in Nicosia for 2 weeks? Nicosia is not a place where people go to on holiday. I would recommend so many other places to stay than Nicosia. If your goal is to be able to cross the border (technically not a border, but actually a UN-controlled green zone), you can cross in Vrysoulles in Eastern Cyprus. Then you could stay in Ayia Napa, Kapparis, Protaras, or Pernera - plenty of apartments to rent in these places. Or are you planning to stay in Turkish-occupied Cyprus for most of your holiday? If so, have you considered Kyrenia?

We are flying Turkish to Ercan because it was $500 cheaper than any Airline going into Larnaca with only 1 stop from DC. Also economy has foot rests and good recline, important to me because I am short and have back problems.

We are touring archeological sites. Both the Cyprus Republic Embassy staff and the TRNC office in DC said that walking back and forth in Nicosia is no problem, just bring passport. The Republic travel information office in NYC sent wonderful books and excellent large maps. TRNC sent some but told me that more is available at the airport when we arrive in Ercan. The man I talked with also emailed a list of hotels in the north with phone numbers and some emails addresses.

We will arrange a transfer by the hotel in Nicosia based on the advise received.

You may be interested in this recent article about crossing between the RoC and the TRNC. Pay particular attention to the last 2 paragraphs.

There has also been some discussion about the TRNC impounding cars with RoC license plates - there are people who live in the TRNC who have bought cars in the RoC because they are less expensive there and then using them for extended periods of time in the TRNC. But this is related to residency so it will most likely not affect you.

I believe that these annoyances are posturing resulting from the Turks taking issue with Cyprus exploring for oil and gas off the coast of Cyprus.

Anyway, I figure that the more information you are armed with, the less likely you will run into difficulties. Just be aware that both government employees in the TRNC and RoC are quite capable of making up rules as they go along.