Norway Coastal Cruises

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We are interested in a cruise to the North Cape in Norway. Would like to hear from people who have done the cruise with Hurtigruten or Seabourn. How calm were the seas? Pros and cons of the cruise.

We used Norwegian Cruise Lines to cruise the west coast of Norway. We were at Honningsvag and had to depart early due to rough weather and couldn't cruise by the Cape as it was too dangerous.

We took the cruise on Hurtegruten in late November because we wanted to see the Northern Lights, and this was the cheapest way to do it. But we didn't book with Hurtegruten; we booked with Vantage. Apparently, Vantage booked a number of cabins on the Hurtegruten ship, got a better price that included everything( if you book with Hurtegruten, everything is extra ). And how do I know this? At a local travel show, Hurtegruten was present and I priced the same trip on the same boat on the same dates, and booking with Hurtegruten was considerably more. And the seas were no problem, even in late November. I was able to go out on deck each night, set up my tripod for pictures and it was stable enough for time exposures of the lights. so don't worry about the seas.