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<p>I have booked a trip to Estonia April 1st, busing to Latvia and flying back from Lithuania, 2 weeks in all.&nbsp; In all cases, I have booked hotels in the Old Town sections, all of which seem very charming.&nbsp; I am old and beat up so expect to just wobble around on the cobblestones, absorb the ambiance and perhaps do a Hop-On bus if they are running this early in the year.&nbsp; I expect to Taxi to one or more of the Flea Markets and do some junk shop forays.</p><p>If I am missing any really unforgetable viewing, shopping or dining?</p><p>Thanks for any input.</p>

You may find additional information by going to "Destinations" above on this page and in the "Cities" portion select the cities you are interested in.  There appears to be several articles for each of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius

I did this trip with a friend in August, 2013, totally on our own.  Flew to Helsinki, took the ferry across to Talinn & took buses between the capitals in all 3 countries.  The bus rides were about 4 hours each in lovely new equipment.  Stayed in the "old towns" in delightful small hotels & walked our sore feet on cobblestones every day!!  The trip was less expensive than the rest of Western  Europe. 

A trip through these Baltic capitals is an unique opportunity to step back through the pages of time. I took a tour from the UK company Explore in September 2012. It was an excellent two week tour. But, if you are just planning on sticking to the three capitals, it is easy enough to do on your own using the efficient bus system to travel from one city to the next. The photos from my Flickr album along with their labels will give you ideas about not-to-miss sights in the three capitals, and they will suggest other regional attractions that might interest you. Here is a link:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedlieber/sets/72157631638709826/