Opportunities to Volunteer Overseas

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In previous years I have enjoyed participating in programs for Earthwatch and Global Volunteers, both excellent organizations. Now retired at age 73, I am in good health and have plenty of motivation and energy. I would like to participate in a one or two week program in a temperate climate that offers a private room and bath, rather than a bunkhouse or shared accommodations. I'm willing to pay an extra fee for my housing preferences. I welcome your suggestions for volunteer opportunities that meet these requirements. Thank you.

Have you tried the Cook Islands with Global Volunteers, we've been there and they have all that you are requesting.

I think you may like the Road Scholar (Elderhostel) service learning trips. They're used to seniors who want single rooms with private facilities. Unfortunately, they only have about a dozen different trips right now.
Some Earthwatch expeditions do stay in nicer accommodations with private facilities. This is sometimes obvious from the expedition description and sometimes not. The expedition to Costa Rica studying bees may fit your conditions, although I don't think Earthwatch has figured out single supplements. We've done a number of their expeditions, but only if they let this old married couple stay together. They're very focused on separating genders, I think because their business model is built around students and other young people. If you email/call Earthwatch, they should be able to tell you more about the housing for any specific expedition.