Original World Tours to Iran

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I am considering traveling to Iran with Original World in the fall of 2018. I would appreciate hearing from folks who 1) Have traveled on any of Original World tours and 2) Have traveled to Iran with Original World. In your opinion, what did Original World do well and what could Original World improve to make the tours better.

My husband did a Balkans tour with this company--part of which was private and part small group. It's a wonderful company and Barbara is great to work with. We are doing India on a private basis with her later this year.

We have done two car and driver arranged trips by Original World. They did a fantastic job. Eliminated numerous potential problems, like getting lost, finding parking, having entrance tickets ahead of time, making reservations at hotels near where we wanted to be located, arguing with my husband about driving, etc.
The plusses are endless. Barbara Sansone is excellent at making it all happen.

I have not gone with Original World, but have heard good things about them. I just want to mention that t is a good idea to go to Iran with a company. I went on my own, with a pre-arranged guide and car/driver and it was not that good an experience. It seems strange, but I found they like US dollars for tipping and even for purchases in the major cities. Be sure to take money in good condition (no marks, tears or writing on it, and small denominations for tipping.