Paris Pass

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<p>Has anyone used the Paris Pass?&nbsp; If so, did you find it to be good value for money?&nbsp; Any unexpected advantages or disadvantages?&nbsp; Thanks!</p>

We have used the Museum Pass and the weekly Metro pass.  If you are thinking about the Metro pass, brind a passport size picture as it is required.

I cannot address getting a Paris Pass or weekly Metro pass since our interests took us off the beaten path and not into musuems enough to make them worthwhile.   Churches were free to enter.   You're far more traveled than we are; however, here are a few of our favorite experiences:1)  We combined suggestions from Yvonne Michie Horn's The Garden Path "Le Jardins du Musee de Montmartre" from ITN February 2014, page 57+ with the Eyewitness Guide Series: Paris "A 90-Minute Walk in Montmartre" for a delightful day of rambling.   We recommend Cafe Un Zebra a Montmartre, 38 Rue Lepic, for drinks and people watching and Cafe Les Deux Moulins Restaurant, 15 Rue Lepic, to continue people watching with good food.2)  The Musee Rodin, highly recommended by ITN contributors, was phenomenal.   We paid for entry only to the garden and audioguides.   Our intent was to spend an hour or two; however, the garden was so impressive and audio guides so informative that we lingered for hours.3)  We got our art 'fix' at Musee d'Orsay, again highly recommended over the years by ITN contributors.  Luckily, we started on the top floor where the major impressionists works are and worked down as time permitted.  A view through the clock in the restaurant offered a fascinating view of Sacre Coeur and Montmartre.  The upper patio just beyond the restaurant provided superb views of the Louvre and Seine.     My husband recommends the French Onion soup at Mucha Cafe, located near the museum at 227 Bvd Saint Germain.4)  Another off the beaten track sight is the Cimetiere du Montparnasse, 3 boulevard Eduard Quinet.   We discovered this through the Eyewitness Guide Series: Paris, page 180+   We usually do not visit cemeteries, but this was so unique and fascinating that we lingered for hours.   I even wrote a ditty for a future ITN query about this cemetery.5)  We combined the metro and walking to explore the city.   I found the Knopf Mapguides: Paris to be invaluable.   Its maps are arranged by section of the city and include the detail essential for 'finding your way home again.'   Parisians frequently volunteered assistance whenever they saw us studying a map!Enjoy! 

Wanda, Thanks for these very helpful suggestions. I'm giving myself a week in Paris but am beginning to think I'd need a month instead! Stan