Persian Gulf

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Can anyone recommend a tour that covers Oman, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait? The only one I've found so far is Adventures Abroad. I like the itinerary but not the price, especially the single supplement. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Stan,

I was supposed to take Adventures Abroad's Persian Gulf tour from Feb. 1-19, 2012 but unfortunately it was cancelled and they refunded my deposit. Probably just as well because their tour included Bahrain, which according to today's news reports still has "issues".

Bestway Tours at also covers the same countries, but it is even more expensive than AA and is for fewer days. AA's Persian Gulf tour is 19 days at a cost of $5890 + $1880 single supplement, bringing the total land cost to $7770. Bestway is 14 days at $7880 + $1995 single supplement, bringing the total land cost to $9875. In other words, AA is 5 days longer and $2000 cheaper than Bestway. Neither tour includes air, which will undoubtedly rack up the cost by another $1500 or so. Nothing cheap about travel to that region any way you look at it.

Advantage Travel & Tours, which advertises in ITN (including on p. 11 of the current issue) offers a Gulf States Odyssey tour from Oct. 29-Nov. 12, 2012 and Feb. 18-Mar 3, 2013 that spends 2 nights in Bahrain, 1 in Kuwait, 2 in Qatar, 4 in the United Arab Emirates (visiting all 7 Emirates), and 4 in Oman (Muscat, Nizwa, and Sohar). I don't think it spends enough time in Oman, which I've been told is the most interesting Gulf country of them all (although I haven't been there). Advantage Travel & Tours doesn't seem to have a website and the cost of the tour is not mentioned, but they can be reached at

Road Scholar at is offering a brand new program to Dubai and Oman for Nov. 2012 and Feb. 2013 that has a very appealing itinerary. Although it doesn't include Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, it is cheaper in cost than AA and Bestway and perhaps you can find some way of doing the other countries (plus or minus Bahrain) independently either before or after the Road Scholar program.

I just came back from 5 days in Dubai with Gate 1 Travel, which was a very good tour (I plan on writing a report about it for this forum). Dubai whetted my appetite for wanting to see more of the Persian Gulf, especially Oman. I am considering taking Road Scholar's aforementioned trip next Feb. because it really looks good.

Adventures Abroad, Bestway, Advantage Travel, and Road Scholar are the only North American companies that I know of that go to the Persian Gulf (I'm surprised that Eldertreks doesn't). If none of them are satisfactory for your purposes, perhaps you might want to investigate British tour companies.

Hope this helps.


A lightbulb just went on in my head: the local tour operator that Gate 1 uses in Dubai is Gulf Circle Tours, PO Box 32062, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, email or I just checked their website at and it says that their services include individual and group tour bookings to all the Emirates as well as to surrounding countries including Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. So if you can't find a group tour company that suits your needs, perhaps Gulf Circle Tours in Dubai can arrange a private tour for you. Our wonderful tour guide in Dubai was Sharnaaz (a native of South Africa), who is employed by Gulf Circle Tours and guides all the escorted group tours for Gate 1. Perhaps you could get her as your guide when she's not doing Gate 1. In addition to Dubai, my group visited 3 other Emirates with her, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Sharnaaz doesn't do any guide work outside of the Emirates, but Gulf Circle Tours should be able to find you an appropriate guide for the other Persian Gulf countries as well.

I traveled with this company to Oman, UAE, Beirut, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen about two years ago. They even helped with the air. I made my own itinerary and traveled for 4 weeks with a guide and driver. Oman must not be missed as it was the highlight of the trip.
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A friend and I used Bestway to visit the Persian Gulf in October 2008. Arab Sheikdoms included Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and all of the Emirates of the UAE. At the time it seemed reasonable in cost and we had a great trip. There were only four of us in total on the "tour". The hotels were excellent as were the included food, tours, and guides. At the time we couldn't find any other comparable tour that included as many Gulf countries including every member of the UAE.