Portugal and Nothern Spain---Galicia and La Rioja

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We want to go on a private tour starting in Lisbon and ending in Bilbao and are looking for a good agency or guide, preferably local, to plan and guide us this coming fall. All suggestions and recommendations welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

In the past -- I'm talking 1984, 1985 -- we did this on our own. We concentrated on Portugal alone. But this past June (2017) we booked through Portugal Trails. They handled all the details and did an excellent job.

I believe they do Spain as well but can't swear to that. www.PortugalTrails.com. Ours was a self-drive trip which I assume you are looking for. But I do believe that they do group trips as well.

Thank you, I think this is what we need. We did it on our own years ago
but now we want help with planning and accommodations. Things are
more crowded and now it can be hard to wing it, and we are some years
older too. I appreciate your help. Happy travels.