Portugal: Lisbon and Porto

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Two seniors going to Portugal next week (first week of April). We’re looking for Portuguese art/music experiences. We have two days in Lisbon and limited time in Porto and would like to have some real Portuguese experiences.

We have been to both places, Lisbon several times. First walk as much as possible, second learn to use the subway its very easy. Don't miss the Carriage museum. It is more than just carriages. Do the Gulbenkian Museum. Its worth the time. Do the touristy Fado. Ask at your hotel for where to go. Lots of guitar music and singing about lost loves while you eat. Once is fun!
We did go to Porto but were on a boat. The churches are lovely, but I think I would take an hour's tour on the Douro and check out the opposite bank. Don't know if you drink but after years of claiming that I hated Port wine I had the real stuff and it really is wonderful. If you can get to the Sandeman Tasting Room, go! Its fun and dramatic and they will teach you all about Port wine. Sorry I don't have anything more exciting.

Thanks for the reply, Eleanor. We’ll see what we can fit in. I’m especially interested in the Fado and the Gulbenkian museum.