Private Guide & Driver Cochin, Mumbai,Colombo

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Looking for Private Guides & Driver While On Cruise Stop In Mumbai, Cochin and Colombo

I have planned a three-week custom tour on India (including Mumbai and Cochin) in October and used Indian Panorama, a travel company with offices throughout India and recommended by an ITN subscriber. We will have a private driver/guide wherever we go. I'm betting Indian Panorama could arrange a driver/guide for you in Cochin and Mumbai. The lady that arranged the itinerary is Leena, and you can contact her at:
leena@indianpanorama. Leena is most patient and did a good job for me.
I am also going to Sri Lanka for a week and am using Go Tours Lanka ( to make all my arrangements. Again, I will have a private driver/guide throughout the week. Go Tours Lanka was also recommended by an ITN subscriber. Vera is the lady in Sri Lanka working on my trip.
I think both these companies could help you. Feel free to use my name (Dorothy Botnick) when contacting them. Good luck.