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A friend and I would like to travel to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in November 2018 and I am hoping to get some recommendations on tour companies that other ITN travellers have used lately with sucess- or ones to avoid would be helpful as well. Thank you in advance for any help. Suzanne

I've visited Laos twice and both times used Lao Travel Service ( My contact was Mr.Ley. The company was easy to deal with, answered my emails quickly,provided excellent guides and a good car/driver. At that time, they did not take credit cards, so I wire-transfered half the cost of the tours, and pay the rest in USD on arrival. I plan on using them again when I return to visit the south. They can also arrange tours to Cambodia.

You may check, we got good price for tour in Cambodia and Laos. Nice staff and fast answer, tour service was good at all.

We used Sita Tours ( for travel to Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling regions, they have tours to all the countries you mentioned above. We had English speaking guides and drivers in all our locations.

We used Discovery Indochina Tour ( for a 3 weeks of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia . Everything was so great . We had great memory.