Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossings

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I am interested in doing a one way transatlantic crossing on QM2. Any advice or opinions on dress code, day to day activities or any comments in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sjds

We have done 2 QM2 sailings and quite enjoyed them. One was fashion week (quite unusual for us) and one was part of a Road Scholar British Murder Mysteries tour. QM2 tries to keep to their stated dress code of formal in the evenings. At least a jacket and tie on most evenings and perhaps a tuxedo for men on the more "gala" nights. Women were encouraged to wear either cocktail outfits or even "ball gowns." I wore dressy attire (but I don't even know anyone with a ball gown so that was not going to happen) and my husband had a suit. He also wore a tux for the formal night. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up but is a real pain to have to pack formal wear, special shoes, etc. just for the sailing. There were a number of people who avoided the formal dining and ate in the buffet so they could wear what they wanted. I would say about 75% abided by the stated dress code (with varying degrees of success) and 25% ignored it. On dressy nights you are encouraged to not be in the public rooms at all. However, it didn't seem to be stopping anyone (dressed up or not) from having a good time and visiting the casino, shows, lounges, etc. I did not see any barred from entry for lack of appropriate attire.

QM2 has a great "lecture" program. They bring in top speakers, writers, scientists and the programs are quite interesting. It caters to an older, well traveled clientele. One thing I learned . . . don't waste money on a balcony cabin as there is nothing to see! It is usually too cold to be out there anyway. Next time I would save money and get an inside cabin and spend the difference at my destination!

The ship is built for this cruise so takes the waves in stride . . . it was a very smooth sailing.

Have a great trip!

We would suggest Westbound (usually in the fall) because of the time zone changes. Going Westbound, one gains 5 or 6 favorable time changes on the crossing. This is much more desirable than losing 5 hours of sleep on an Eastbound itinerary. Also, one arrives in North America facing a much shorter flight to your home destination.