renting GPS sytems on line to take to Italy

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<p>We are planning to go to Italy and would like to rent a GPS. The car rental companies charge about $16 per day to supply a GPS. However, my husband found a company online, GPS that will send us a GPS sytem loaded with information for Italy for $4.00 per day. Has anyone used this company or any other company here in the USA that provides GPS systems to be used abroad. Thanks</p><p>Mary</p>

We recently spent two weeks driving through Tuscany and Umbria.  Rather than spend the $16/day through Avis, we bought a fairly new TomTom GPS with Euro maps from an English seller on eBay UK.  That cost us around $75-80 and worked perfectly.  Plus we still own it for future trips (in fact, its in Poland now with friends!)  Can't comment on the online rental question, however.