River cruise

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Wife and I considering a 7-8 day river cruise during the month of October, 2011. Looking for medium priced ($1600 to $1800/person. Tour should include Vienna and Budapest. Any recommendations from you cruise travelers is appreciated.. Crafty

Thank you; I will look into Grand Circle. I am also looking at Viking Cruise lines.
We first want to spend a week in Florence and then take the river cruise.
In that case I will have to determine how to get from Florence to the Boat site.

I agree with Skunkman. Grand Circle river cruises are excellent. We took the Christkindlesmarkt Danube cruise during Christmas. Beautiful state rooms, good food, friendly crew.

Thank you for all responses. Grand Circle trips are longer than I want, and, I don't want to go to some of
the cities as I have already been there. The Viking, and other, river cruises are shorter. My problem is how to go
from Florence to Passeau where the cruise starts, I suppose there are trains which require some effort on my part to figure out where they go and how to get to the dock. All my other trips have been with Tour groups that handled all the details.

The best solution by train is the City Night Line train to Munich and then a regional express to Passau (not Passeau). See http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml for schedules and seat61.com for info and photos on European train travel.

Alternatively, Lufthansa flies direct from Florence to Munich, but I don't know how the costs would compare.