Royal Morocco Airlines

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Would like to hear from travelers that have flown on this airline. We would be taking an 8 hour flight from JFK to Casablanca and were quoted an upgrade fee 5 times the price of a coach ticket. Are RMA seats as tight as those on mainline airlines or are they more comfortable, as on some oriental carriers? Were you satisfied with this airline in general? Our other option is to fly to Europe and connect. All comments appreciated. Thanks.

We took Royal Air Maroc roundtrip to Casablanca several years ago.  The service was very poor on both flights (possibly the worst we have ever had).  I would not take them again if I had another alternative.

My problem with Royal Air Maroc is their schedule changes and flight cancellations. Be sure to confirm and re-confirm all times and departures.     A early-morning domestic flight was cancelled, creating problems for my onward international flight.  

Thanks to both of you. Truly appreciate it. This is the information we needed.

If we can't get alternate air we will not take this tour, we will look at others

or perhaps go to Myanmar instead. Thank you so much for alerting us.