Saudi Arabia

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<p>I&#39;m beginning to toy with the idea of taking a Spiekermann trip to Saudi Arabia.&nbsp; I haven&#39;t traveled with them before, but I&#39;ve heard good things about the company.&nbsp; Has anyone had a less than satisfactory experience with Spiekermann?&nbsp; Has anyone been to Saudi Arabia?&nbsp; It&#39;s a fairly expensive trip, and I&#39;m wondering if there&#39;s enough to see and do to justify it.&nbsp; I&#39;m not interested in going there just so I can say I&#39;ve been there.&nbsp; Enlighten me, please!</p>

I am in Afghanistan with Spiekermann . Excellent adventure. I was in Saudi three years past   Outstanding trip. I have been on about 15 trips, so I do like.  I trust him going to crazy places .. I am a woman traveling solo. I do recommend. Have to sign off now

I recently returned from this trip.  Are you still interested in getting information?

Hi jns:    I would be very interested in knowing more about  your trip to Saudi.  It was been on my "list" for some time.  I am especially interested in knowing if you had a chance to visit any Nabatean archaeological sites.  Any info. you provide would be helpful to me in my planning.  Thank you.