Schiphol - Amsterdam Airport Hotel Recommendation

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<p>There are many hotels to stay in at Schiphol. </p> <p>I would like to hear about someone's actual overnight experience at one of the hotels. </p>

As I recall, there's a Sheraton in the terminal--very convenient and quite expensive. I used the Hilton instead; it was considerably less expensive and only slightly less convenient. I pushed my cart down the same corridor past the Sheraton, took an elevator down to the ground level, and pushed my cart about 50 yards outside to the hotel entrance. I arrived just after dawn but the hotel was able to put me in a room immediately. As I recall, I took the luggage cart right up in the hotel elevator with me.
I only had breakfast there, but it was fine. I don't remember anything about the room, so it evidently wasn't strikingly good or bad.
The next morning, I found a luggage cart outside the hotel front door and was back at the airport check-in desks in not much more than five minutes. Maybe there's a better arrangement, but I was perfectly satisfied and I'd use the Hilton again.

Dear Stan,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I will take a look at the Hilton Hotel. As you said, it is very convenient and, fortunately for you, the hotel offered an immediate room that was available.