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We are visiting Scotland. We would like to do Guilded Walking Tours. Can anyone recommend a tour company?

Footpath Holidays is a walking tour company based in the UK.  They are excellent.  I've done several trips with them and am impressed with the hotels they use as well as their friendly, enthusiastic guides.

Your best bet is an American company called Country Walkers at{"destinations":["scotland"]}.  They have separate guided walking tours in Scotland including Edinburgh, the Highlands, and the Isle of Skye.  I haven't looked at the departure dates, but perhaps they're designed that you could do one or more of their Scottish walking tours back-to-back with each other.  I have no personal familarity with this company -- it was recommended by several people on my recent group tour to Scotland with Odysseys Unlimited.Several days ago when I was in Edinburgh, I stopped in at the tourist information office on Princes Street to see if they had any information for you on guided walking tours with Scottish companies..  The particular agent whom I dealt with was familar with only one company -- Walkabout Scotland at  She gave me their brochure.  Using Edinburgh as a base, it contains 7 different full-day guided walks (one per day) in the Southern Highlands, all within  2-1/2 driving distance from Edinburgh (pickup and transport from Edinburgh included in the cost).Because Walkabout Scotland doesn't cover as much of scenic Scotland as Country Walkers, you are better off with the latter.  The Canadian company Adventures Abroad also offers a walking tour of Scotland at that begins and ends in Glasgow. 

Thanks to the July 2013 issue of Global Traveler magazine (available at the Oasis Lounge in Terminal 4 of New York's JFK Airport) I have recently discovered at least one other company and possibly a second that offers walking tours in Scotland:English Lakeland Ramblers at has added three Scotland itineraries to its roster including the Highlands, western lochs, and Hebrides islands.Also check The Wayfarers at, which is known for its worldwide tours, to see whether it has anything in Scotland.Website for Global Traveler magazine is  Page 11 of July 2013 issue had an article called "On-the-Ground Adventures" that mentioned these companies.     

Thank you

Thank you.