"Self-Drive" barge cruise in the Midi canal, France? (any hints/tips?)

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Hello, My husband and two dear friends and I are considering a self-drive barge experience on the Midi canal in late September. We are all able bodied, food enthusiasts, and looking for any recommendations or warnings on rental companies, routes, etc. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer Nancy C in NY

About three years ago ITN had a good article on precisely this trip.
What I recall is that two gals did the trip by themselves and had
a good time. It was a detailed piece and they explained the turns they
took, etc. and the sightseeing along the way. I tried to make a quick search
and did not find the article but I hope another ITN'er will help you find it.
Happy Travels.

Moderator note: This might be the article you are referring to:

Narrowboat on Canal du Midi from the July 2009 issue:

These might be some other helpful articles on barge trips:





Hello! Many thanks to both of you for helping me find my way to the article about the Midi barge experience. Have a grand day, and happy trails!

Nancy C