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<p>We will be debarking our cruise ship in Singapore in January and will have 8 hours to visit a few places before heading to the airport. Can anyone recommend a day tour service that will transport us and our luggage so that we might enjoy, for example, the Orchid Gardens and lunch in Little India before we have to depart? We have been to Singapore previously so we do not intend to squeeze in too much in our few hours. We appreciate any assistance with this inquiry. </p>

Don't know if they'll transport your luggage, but the leading day tour operator in Singapore is Tour East Singapore at
They have a wide variety of half-day and full-day tours to choose from. Four years ago I spent a week in Singapore and took almost all of them and loved them all. If their tours are not amenable to your schedule, perhaps you can arrange something private with them in advance.

I don't recall whether the cruise center has storage facilities but you might check. Or, obviously, if you're spending the night, you can check your luggage with them prior to check-in.
Singapore has an excellent "hop on / hop off" tourist bus system. Even the audio explanations at each stop are informative ... obviously not near as good as a private guide but a lot cheaper.
Make sure you browse/eat at one of the hawker pavillions ... there's a good one in the China section and even the SunTech Center has 30 eateries or so ... but they're all over the place so I imagine you can't go wrong.
If you do stay overnight, the zoo has an enjoyable night program ... well worth doing. There's the Flyer - not sure it's worth it but ???? And you have to visit Raffles just 'cause of the history .... and go to their reconstructed Longbar for a Singapore Sling .... although it's pretty pricey!
Enjoy your trip!

It is so easy to get around Singapore on your own with its excellent public transit that it seems like all you need is to check your luggage somewhere where you will be departing for the airport and then just go to these places on your own?