Southampton Information Requested

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We are finishing up a cruise in Southampton in late June and have a few days (5) before flying out of Heathrow back home; my wife and I have been to London many years ago so not necessarily interested in visiting there before our flight; so questions on what we can do in the Southampton area (side trips) and where to stay; also a anme of a local guide with car and or local tour company; also a suggestion on getting from Southampton to Heathrow area hotel (besides train) if there is a train (worried about baggage with train)

Check at one point they had tours of South Hampton, but the virus may have changed that. They can also drive you from South Hampton to Heathrow. There are hotels at Heathrow:
Aerotel (Terminal 3)
Hilton (Terminal 4)
Sofitel (Terminal 5)

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I used National Express bus service to and from Heathrow for a cruise. Very reasonable price.

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We have taken cruises out of Southampton a couple of times and after friends told us how worthwhile it is decided to spend several days in Southampton first. It is a very interesting town with Roman ruins. I don't know if they will be running due to covid, but there were free town tours - well worth joining.