Speeding Ticket in Ireland

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<p>I visited Ireland in July 2015, and had a great trip.&nbsp; About a month later a received a speeding ticket that included a photo of the license plate for my rental car, a location and no further documentation of the offense.&nbsp; I was provided with instructions to complete a Fixed Charge Form and to submit 80 Euros.&nbsp; The instructions indicated that if I did not submit this material by late in September 2015 the charges would double, and then keep doubling there after.&nbsp; The material appeared to come from an authentic government agency, however I had read about speeding ticket scams.&nbsp; Additionally I have never had a speeding ticket, and I took great care to follow signage while driving in Ireland; you never know when a pedestrian or sheep might be around the bend.&nbsp; So instead of sending a credit card, I send a Bank Draft, which cost me, and I mailed the material 3 weeks before the deadline via Priority Mail, for rapid delivery.&nbsp; All the mail I received from the Irish Fixed Charge Processing Office via snail delivery required only 4-5 days to reach me in the US.&nbsp; Because I was skeptical that this entire exercise was really aimed at revenue enhancement versus true traffic enforcement, and I was concerned about reports of scams, I photographed all the material I sent, and in its envelope, and the priority mailing packet.</p><p>A month later I received my Bank Draft back, a claim that the material arrived after the 28 day deadline, and a request for double the fine.&nbsp; Additionally the Fixed Charge Office claimed they had not received the required documentation.&nbsp; This appears to be a scam operated by a government.&nbsp; I really wish, if revenue is needed, that a user fee had been added to the rental charge.&nbsp; Much less aggravation and much less of a tarnish on an other wise nice trip and travel venue.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>