Spiekermann Travel Services

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<p>Has anyone used this travel service?&nbsp; If so, what is your opinion?</p>

Spiekermann Travel arranged 3 private tours for us - once to Lebanon/Syria/Jordan and twice to Egypt - their service was great. Advance planning was simple via phone & email. Hotels, guides, cars & drivers were good. Itinerary suggestions were excellent. Ihab Zaki, Spiekermann's owner, is Egyptian and his Mideast expertise provided us with memorable tours.  Feel free to contact me with secific questions/concerns.

 Appreciate your input.Do they do goup tours as well?Also, do they do the air arrangements for international travel?  That is do thay have contracts with airlines or are their tours land only?

Check out Spiekermann's web site http://mideasttrvl.com    I think the scheduled group tours include international air but also have the option to join as land-only.  

Many Thanks and Aloha

Excellent, but espensive.  They will do it all, efficiently too.