St. Petersburg

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<p>We are going on a cruise that will stop in St. Petersbur for 3 days. Can anyone recommend a guide or if I have an itinerary in mind would just finding a cab driver be sufficent? Is there a St. Peterburg Visitor's center where I could get some help if we wanted to do it on our own? Thanks<br /> Mary </p>

If you want to do an independent tour in St Petersburg, you should be aware of the following requirements.
We went on a cruise ship tour so unable to advise or recommend a guide.

i can recommend a wonderful guide for you - her name is Julia Ivanushkina and she's first rate. Remember, if you use a private guide, you need to get your own Russian visa or you won't be allowed off the ship. Contact Julia at tell her I recommended you.She also has her own website.