Studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

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Does anyone have any recommendations regarding studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Karyn: I spent a few weeks at San Jose el Viejo Language School and it was a great experience. All their teaching is one-to-one, and their accommodations are excellent - I stayed in Casita A which has a kitchenette. The best accommodation is the Castle Room and this gets booked up very far in advance. The grounds are lovely, there is a nice-size pool and the property is about 3 blocks from the main square in Antigua. The school's property is huge - consisting of the language school buildings, student accommodations, tennis court, a private home, and even a coffee plantation. Also on the property is the San Jose el Viejo church which often hosts weddings and concerts. Mass is no longer said in this church. The area is very safe.

The teacher I had was wonderful and very flexible about having class on the property (you have your own area for classes) or out in Antigua itself. This is the website:

Thanks very much, Adventuregirl, for the info on San Jose el Viejo Spanish Language School. I'll look into it.


I've been to that school too and enjoyed it very much. I think you can do homestays as well, tho like Adventuregirl, I stayed at the school. The "extra" is a great massage therapist that leaves her info on the bulletin board. Her name is Deet Lewis and she is very good and inexpensive, like $12 or $15. She's from CA but has lived in Antigua for years. I see her every time I am in Antigua.

Thanks, Xela, for the tip. I will try to find Deet Lewis while I am in Antigua.
Best, Karyn