Sudan & Eritrea

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A travel friend and I are looking for either a tour or an agent that can get us to Eritrea and Sudan. Peferably both countries on the same tour. Travel would be next year. Has anyone traveled to these destinations? If so, any info we should know about would be appreciated. Thank you.

Just recently I saw a trip (cruise?) that included both these countries but now I can't remember where. Was it when I was exploring trips to Tristan da Cuhna on Noble Caledonia. There was a great travel book a few decades ago called "Literary Africa" where great books about Africa were plotted out as travel itineraries and the two lady writers spoke so glowingly about both these countries back before many of the current troubles put these places out of ordinary travel reach. Their descriptions always haunted me, particularly Somalia which they described as a wonderful mix of Italian colonial and unique geology found no where else in the world. Best wishes and I hope you get to go there.

Zegrahm Expeditions offers a cruise that includes stops in both the Sudan and Eritrea
I went on a similar cruise a few years ago with Noble Caledonia, see the post on the message board enquiring about MV Island Sky.

Thank you for tracking that down. We did get a brochure in the mail from Zeghram (sp?) for this exact cruise/tour. Looked fantastic and well off the beaten path, but already committed to a trans-atlantic cruise at the same time.

We are still researching the possibility of travel to Eritrea. Bestway Tours & Safaris offers a tour that sounds great. Our problem is getting air flights to Asmara. Few major lines service the country and the flights are only on certain days. Also there is the question of entry requirements and visa availability. If we do get visas we may still be denied entry because of unsettled government policy's. It is just too expensive to take the chance of being turned away. We may give up on this soon. As far as going to Sudan, we are not happy with the agents itineraries. Until things quiet down I think it is too soon to visit this country.