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<p>I&#39;m considering Terra Incognita Tours Patanal tour.&nbsp; Has anyine done any trip with this company?&nbsp; Do you recommend them?&nbsp; Or does anyone know of another Patanal tour I should consider?&nbsp;&nbsp; Details of your experiences are aprreciated.</p>

I have taken two trips:   Tigers in India and Madagascar.  I do recommend. This is a small ecotour company and the owner Ged knows his wildlife business.  Trips were well planned and efficiently run   We saw tigers and heaps of wildlife. Lots of local interaction as well .i would not hesitate for more travel.  I understand the patanal trip is quite fine.  

Marcia,Thanks so much for answering my request.  I'm delighted to get confirmation that it is a good company.  I was just concerned because I've seen little in ITN about them and they don't advertise in it.Sally

Give (the owner) Ged a ring.  Tell him Marcia from Las Vegas recommended.  I would do more trips with him, however I have been to his current destinations....always eager for new stuff .