Third eye travel

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<p>Has anyone used Third eye travel company? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks<br /> Mary </p>

We used them for a trip to Nepal. Driver and guides were excellent. They arranged for hotels and air travel. Didn't have any problems. We had also requested a fly-by of Mt Everest and they arranged for that too.

Used them few years ago for trip to Bhutan. Excellent. They also arranged a short pre-trip extension for me to sites in India. Met one of the owners while there as he was leading a trek in Bhutan. They know the country. Highly recommend. Larry

In November 2010 I used Third Eye Travel for a private 12 day trip to Cambodia and Laos. Using a standard group tour itinery I found on-line, I did an on-line "bake off" of 14 companies--asking for essentially the same itinerary and amenities from each--and TET (Arun Dali) came away hands-down the best value. I've traveled to over 70 countries and used many travel agencies, and I strongly believe that you will feel comfortable working with Arun at TET, and enjoy the travel arrangements and price. Happy traveling!