Tour in Romania

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<p>My husband and I are planning a river cruise from Bucharest to Budapest in July 2014.&nbsp; We are lookig for a small group trou for two to three days in Romania beforehand.&nbsp; Any suggestions of what is essential to see and a tour compay to use would be most appreciated.</p><p>Carol B</p>

With two to three days, you really don't need to pre-arrange any tours.    Your hotel will have brochures on day trips and there are also walking tours in the city. There is also the Hop-on Hop-off Bus which can keep you busy for two days if you explore every stop.    The one tour you should do is the Parliament Building -- it is huge and amazing.  I stayed at two hotels in Bucharest - the Athenee Palace Hilton which was 5-star and excellent in every way; and also the Capital Hotel on Callea Victoreil which is about a block away from the old city.  However this hotel is very cold-war-ish with rooms that haven't been updated.    The location is excellent, though.

When we were looking for tours in Romania we queried this Board and several people recommended CRIF Tours.  We used them for  a  customized 10 day tour throughout Romania.  CRIF is owned and operated by Chris Floria who advertises in ITN in the spring and summer months.  He can put together tours of any length and his prices were very reasonable. His web site is and his e-mail is

My husband are doing the cruise in August with Viking.We will be using a company called Compass Travel for a three day two night tour.  A bit expensive but more comprehensive and cheaper than our Cruise Line' pre-extension tour.  Are you taking the Viking Tour?I wuld like to compare notes on what you decided to do.   

Just wondering how you liked your tour and experience with Compass. I am looking to do a tour of Romania and Moldova.