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looking for some advise on Travel Insurance for a Couple over 70 Years young Thank you for your Help>

Call Dan Drennen, tell him what your looking for and he can accomodate you and with reasonable rates.

Dan Drennen

Director, Sales and Marketing

Travel Insurance Center

Toll free (866) 979-6753 ext.3621

Direct (402) 343-3621

Fax (402) 343-9959

I also recommend Dan—have purchased travel insurance from him several times. He provides fast turnaround for quotes and is reasonable.

Dan Drennan's Travel Insurance Center has helped me with cancellation insurance on more expensive trips. But I carry an annual policy with Allianz Global Assistance that includes evacuation, medical, plus $10,000 per year in cancellation insurance and other benefits. Info at:

I, too, use Dan Drennen for my travel insurance. Dan is always prompt in responding and looks for the best policy at the best price for my needs.

I use the Travel insurance Center, as others have already recommended. The Center has essentially, a few brokers; Dan Drennan is one of them. I happen use Alan Lightbody, but they're all excellent. Feel comfortable with whomever answers the phone. I ask for Alan because I book several trips a year, and he's quite familiar with what I want in a policy, so dealing with him shortcuts the time I spend purchasing the policy. But travel insurance is not a simple subject. You will have to know if you want a policy that is primary or secondary coverage, or some combination( there's great differences in price )? And do you want a full-service, or post-departure policy? Or an al carte policy( there are still a few of those around ). And are the limits adequate for the trip you're taking, particularly the evacuation? Evacuation and medical coverage are places where the annual policies don't generally do a good job, when you factor in the cost. If you don't know the answers to these fundamental questions, prepare to spend some time on the phone getting educated. And these are just the basic questions that may come up for starters. Additionally, do you want evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to a facility of your choice? And what options are available to fine tune the coverages. And how rapidly does the company process claims? Your answers will determine what policy is best for you. They may not result in the cheapest policy available, but the Travel Insurance Center will get you the least expensive policy for what you want. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, "travel insurance is the biggest waste of money, until you need to use it."