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<p>Am new to Medicare and am interested in a medical travel insurance policy that would cover me out of the country. &nbsp; Can someone recommend a good supplier? I am not interested in cancellation or baggage insurce, just medical and evacuation coverage.</p>

I think the Betty James Strategy is what you need to read.  You will find it in the Sept. 2010   issue of ITN.  Wayne is a columnist who is very well-informed about the travel insurance business.. 

I am taking an OATS Safari this coming September and do not want to use the same insurance carrier as my Tour Company.  I have checked with 3 different insurance companies (all recommended in the past by readers of ITN) and none of them are interested in selling me Betty James insurance.  Just be aware that it is not as easy to purchase as the September 2010 issue of ITN indicated.

I had the pleasure of talking to Dan Drennan at a recent Adventure Travel Show (!  After reading so much about him in ITN Magazine, and various message boards, it was a pleasure to meet him.  He had a booth with some excellent handouts.  We had a good conversation about  medical and evacuation insurance for travelers on medicare.  There are lots of options and it is not necessary to purchase the (usually very expensive)  cancellation insurance.  The Travel Expo is a great show and runs in six cities around the US. Am not sure if Dan Drennan is exhibiting at all of them.   Perhaps you can contact him for the handouts.