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Has anyone traveled with Spirit of India, either on their South India tour or to the Pushkar camel fair? What were your impressions? Would you recommend them? Thank you.

Hi Beth...

I have traveled with a company called Holiday India several times and its been a delight always. They do tours span India.

So you can contact a lady named Neha Kaushal who has planned all my holidays so far. She can be contacted at and her contact number is +91 9910153453

She is very informative and sincere. Moreover she regularly travels with in India so will be of great help to you.

After searching in vain for info about Spirit of India/Original World, but liking what I heard when I talked to the owner, I signed on for a trip to Turkey, sending my deposit in way early (in Oct 2010 for May 2011) on the basis of "guaranteed departures". A year later I have not made that trip and required the help of ITN to get my deposit back. Of four dates the trip was offered, only two actually went--at times I couldn't go. There were long lapses--like weeks, the last being about 10 weeks--between communications, making me feel that my business was unimportant. I am perfectly willing to believe that it was just one of those unfortunate times when bestmade plans go bad, but I would suggest you proceed cautiously with this company. That said, she's been in business long enuf that she must be doing something right and the trips/prices are appealing.

I wish others would share their experiences with this company.

I have not travelled with this company, but please note the following paragraph on their website at

"For 14 years we have offered special interest small group tours as well as custom private travel. In 2012, we will begin to phase out some of the designated group tour departures in order to focus more of our attention on private travel tour services, which really has always been the bulk of our business. We will keep the itineraries on the website as samples. Travelers are free to select their own dates, length of trip and request modification of the itinerary to suit their preferences. We will also continue to offer group tours to organizations, businesses and any individual who gathers their own group of friends and family. Please check the individual trip pages to see which group tour departures are still being offered and do call us with any questions..."

Try choosing a private tour and you can choose your own date. I have seen Spirit of India ad several times and was thinking about booking a private tour with them. I would like to know any travel experiences anyone has had with this company, also. They appear to be the same company as Original World which also advertising in ITN as they have the same address. I tried to find more information about Spirit of India on the Internet but could not find anything.