traveling around Cairo

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<p>We are emailing with a travel company in Cairo and they have us planning on spending a day at Giza, with the Sphinx, Saqqara and Memphis. Can people advise us if this seems an appropriate length of time? I have seen other tours where these activities were done in a half day. </p>

it does seem appropriate. if you have the chance, please see Giza in the early morning and twlight. Saqqara and Memphis takes very little time.

Thanks. Can you also give an opinion if this works: seeing Giza and the above sites in the morning and then to the Egyptian museum/Coptic Cairo/Bazaar in the afternoon would work? We won't be jet-lagged and are in good health, so I think our energy would be good. I just don't know if it will be sensory overload, like spending more than 4 hrs in the Louvre!

Egypt is sensory over-load everywhere: people, noise, activity, history, contrasts, intensity, color. It is wonderful. Just do it.