traveling with our son after his semester abroad

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<p>Does anyone know what we can do with our son's luggage from his semester abroad? We are joining him in Athens in December 2010 and will be flying to Cairo and then to Istanbul for a week. I don't really want him to drag his huge bag that he packed to go to Athens in September. I am concerned that on some of the smaller airlines, he will have a luggage charge, plus the ackwardness of dragging this big duffel bag around. Any ideas?? </p>

I've never had to do any of these things, but can offer some ideas:
1. Pack the extra clothes and souvenirs he doesn't need for your week together in a box and send back to the US by sea/surface mail. It will take up to four months to get here, but it will eventually.
2. Put the extra items in a box and send them to your hotel in Instanbul. Use the duffle for the week together. Pick up everything during the week in Istanbul and repack into the large duffle. Between the three of you you can have 6 bags, 50 pounds each for the flight home. On some airlines it is 70 pounds each.
3. if there were other students from the same area coming home, talk them into bringing home some of his stuff. Offer to pay the airline charges for the third checked bag. He should show them everything that is going into the bag so they feel comfortable handling it.
4. The school where he was studying has probably run into this problem before, and maybe they can offer suggestions.