trip to Madagascar in October, 2015

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<p>Has anyone traveled to Madagascar with Zegrahms Expeditions? &nbsp;If so, what month and what was the weather like? &nbsp;Were you satisfied with the itinerary? &nbsp;Did you travel through Johannesburg and Dubai? &nbsp;If so, did you stay a few extra days at either city? &nbsp;Do you have any recommendations at to what one&nbsp;<u>should not miss</u>&nbsp;in either city? &nbsp;Or did you go early and stay a few days in Antananarivo before the tour officially started? &nbsp;If so, any recommendations??</p>

I traveled to Madagascar in September 2008 with ElderTreks. It was a good time of year to visit, there were lots of baby lemurs hanging on their mothers. I don't remember any extreme weather except way down south in Berenty Reserve, it was very hot there. I don't remember any rain on the trip at all. I traveled on Air France via Paris, but I have transited in Dubai several times on other trips. I enjoy Dubai; on my first trip I used a hop on hop off bus. I especially liked the museum, the admission price was included with the bus ticket, and an walk of old Dubai, which included an abra ride across the creek and visited various souks. This was also included in the bus ticket. As for Antananarivo, our tour visited the city and surrounding sights the first day and I had a full day at the end of the trip because my flight left late at night. I  don't feel that I needed any additional time in the city.