Tuscany for 2 weeks in 2014

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My wife and I will be spending 1-2 weeks in the Tuscany region in Sept., 2014. We would really appreciate recommendations as to tour companies and/or private guides.We prefer small groups and a villa stay for the trip. Thanks to all who respopnd.

A few years ago, I spent two enjoyable weeks visiting Tuscany and Umbria on a tour arranged and conducted by Amber Road tours. The husband (American) and wife (Italian) team is based in Spoleto and run a number of tours in Italy. Ours was not a "villa stay", but we did stay in smaller hotels that were centrally located. The advertised maximum group size is 18. I don't know if you'll find a group tour that's also a villa stay.

The tour was a good balance between group and individual time. As we approached each city on our itinerary, our guide handed out a local map. We then had an orientation walking tour and were told when and where we should meet. We then were left to explore, eat, or both, on our own.

Amber Road is worth considering.

If you are willing to go on your own and stay at a self-catering property I suggest http://initaly.com/. This is a terrific company. I have used them for years as we travel to Italy almost every year to visit relatives. Look at the site anyway as there is lots of good information on Italy. Kristin Jaratt, owner, is tops.