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<p>Has any one gone to Umbria with OAT in March? &nbsp;All comments appreciated. &nbsp;Thanks. &nbsp;CT</p>

 Are you are referring to OAT's Tuscany & Umbria: Rustic Beauty in the Italian Heartland itineray?   It is a good trip. Also consider the pre-trip to Bologna/Parma, just to round out the experience.    I didn't do the post-trip to Rome.    Plusses:  excellent itinerary visiting the smaller towns in Tuscany; lots of interaction with local people; food and wine is excellent and plentiful.  Minuses:  though most hotels are very good, one hotel is marginal -  on the last night you stay at an agriturismo about a half hour from Rome Airport.   Rooms are like summer-camp cabins.  Luckily it is only for one night.   Buy the OAT transfer from this hotel to the airport, if you are leaving after the last night of the main trip.  A taxi might cost about the same, but it is much easier if the local guide arranges the transfer for you. We had about four group departures for the airport - starting at 6am.  It would be a good idea to read the tour reviews on the OAT website, as well as search for comments on the "Europe" forum on their website also.  Lots of details there.   Also take a look at the hotel reviews on  Note that there is a lot of walking sometimes on cobblestones.  Many of the hill towns  visited are pedestrian-only and the tour bus  leaves you out the outskirts and you walk in - sometimes 3-4 hours exploring on foot.     This is not that  exotic or adventurous a trip, but a good  way to visit some out-of-the-way places in Tuscany and Umbria with a like-minded group.   

Joe, thanks for all your information.  I'll look into all your suggestions.  CTS