Use of CPAP when there is no electricity

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We will be spending 4 consecutive nights in Tanzania with no electricity at night. A friend would like to join us on this trip but uses a CPAP. Does anyone have suggestions which might allow her to deal with this situation?

In case you can't solve the problem, you might like to know that there is a product called Provent that also is designed for those with sleep apnea. It consists of two mesh patches that fit over the nostrils like bandaids. It is easy to inhale through them but much more difficult to exhale, so the sleeper has to force the air out. In this way, it works something like the opposite of a CPAP machine.

I've used them on a trip but I'm not yet sure how much good they do. They seem to be predicated on the assumption that, once asleep, we breathe through our noses, not our mouths, and I'm not convinced that's what I do. But if they work for your friend, they're very convenient and virtually weightless to carry.

Even if her insurance covers her CPAP and supplies, it may not cover Provent.

I'm about to leave on a three week trip and intend to test Provent again by using it on alternate nights and seeing if I sleep better on the nights I use it. If you're interested, I can report my results when I return, either on the message board or by private message.

By the way, I have no association with or any financial interest in Provent. I'm just someone who thinks it's wildly unrealistic to lug a CPAP machine to all corners of the earth.

My husband has travelled all over the world with his CPAP machine, which is not optional for him. Evidently, it is optional for Stan.

We are getting ready to go to Tanzania where there is no electricity at night--have to charge the CPAP batteries during the day (need to arrange beforehand with the accommodations that they are OK to do this). now sells a super-light machine that's one pound, and has 2-night batteries (1-1/2 pound each). This machine plus 2 two-night batteries equal five pounds. A great improvement.

The info about the batteries is quite helpful. I will forward it on to my friend. 2 of the nights we are without electricity we will be without during the daytime also. Do I understand that the batteries could work for 2 nights without being recharged? That could really help. Do you have an approximate cost for the machine and batteries? I guess Kathy could contact herself. I can not figure out how to forward the info from the website to Kathy but I have printed it off and will retype it for her. Thanks for your help.
Linnea Holmer