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We will be taking a cruise next winter to Vietnam and are looking for guides or travel agents that can arrange private guides for us at various stops on our cruise. Any information would be appreciated. Mary

I used Tonkin Travel - - last year for part of my visit to Hanoi and Sapa, and for my visa on arrival. They were fine. However, you don't really need a guide for most of Vietnam, just a good guidebook.

I've been working with (Mr.) Nguyen Xuan Quynh for a return trip to Vietnam. He worked with OAT for 20 years and his company has been in operation since 1990.

Vietnam Now Travel (based in Hanoi) 

I like that he lists prices and hotels used on the website and takes credit cards.

i just did vietnam/cambodia this past xmas/new year's vacation. had a wonderful time. did a tour with isram travels, made arrangements through my travel agent. but you can contact them on your own and maybe negotiate a better price by cutting out the middleman. regardless, i thought the price was very reasonable. i think all of the hotels were wonderful, 5 star resorts. in every city, a guide met us at the airport with a car to transport us to our hotel. then, every day of the tour, a guide, with a car and mercedes mini-van would pick up the 3 of us, for our own private tours. the guides were all excellent. we did their basic tour package, but changed it a little. arrival in vietnam was late at night, so i requested the next day free, so we could sleep in and tour a little on our own. on our last touring day in cambodia, i had them drop us off at the airport at the end of the day, as most flights out leave at night. also, we made a couple of changes in our sightseeing and the charges that we incurred were minimal. they really wanted to please us. i would use isram again,as they do tour packages all over the world. also, if there are only two of you, you will have the tour guide to yourselves (and the car and driver). we visited hanoi, da nang, hoi an, hue, saigon, phnom penh, and ankgor wat. the people were very friendly, everyone age 50 and younger speaks english, and they take dollars everywhere.


Thank you all for your advice. I will try them all.

Did you try Vietnam Now Travel services, Mwkirson? Were they good?

Quynh the best....February 2015