What to do in Kathmandu???

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<p>I am traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal for work meetings. I will have a few days after the meeting (probably about 3 1/2 days) before returning home, total time in Kath. about one week. Some people have recomended trekking, but most treks advertised are 5 days or longer. I am interested in other recomendations for three days of activities as well as the names of short trip Trekking companies that people have had good success with (if there are any). Thanks in advance!<br /> -matt </p>

I think 3 days is a little short for trekking. If you're at all interested in temples and culture, there's more than enough to keep you happily occupied in the Kathmandu Valley--Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. I'm sure you can easily arrange a local guide and car once you get there, through your hotel, the people you're meeting with, or any one of the many local tour companies. There also are daily flights to Everest, but whether they fly depends on the unpredictable weather.

you should go to a place called Dhulikhel, It's very beautiful free from dust and smoke and the crowd in the capital.

You can take about a 1 hour drive, any taxi or limo service should be able to take you to the Kopan Monestary. It was also in a film "Unmistaken Child" where the Buddhists were
searching for the next Dali Lama. We visited there on our trip to Nepal a year ago

It might be a good idea to make tentative arrangements before you leave the US so you don't spend time looking around for a company once you get there. I've used Yeti Holidays and think they are topnotch -- It is part of a larger group that includes Yeti Airlines, the leading domestic airline in Nepal. You can contact them and let them offer some suggestions for your three extra days. You might enjoy getting out of Kathmandu for a few days and they can arrange three days of sightseeing.
Yeti Holidays (do not confuse with Yeti Travels)