World War I Battlefield Sites

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<p>Hi,</p><p>I am very interested in doing an extended tour visiting most of the major WWI battlefield sites in France and Belgium. I have found tours to particular countries battlefield sites, British, Australian, Canadian, U.S. etc.&nbsp; What I can not seem to find is a travel agent/ travel agency that has interest in the entire range of sites.&nbsp; I don&#39;t particularly need a a tour group. I am interested in contacting someone who can help me with a lot of the details, places to stay, best to drive or use public transport, and just a general knowledge of the military history enough to make sure that I don&#39;t get back home and find out I missed an important site.&nbsp; Any help or suggestions on this are appreciated. &nbsp;</p><p>Thank you in advance. &nbsp; &nbsp;</p><p>Lynn&nbsp;</p>

While I cannot help you find a travel agent specializing in WWI battlefield sites, I can share websites linking to a traveling WWI Photo Exhitib that we recently stumbled upon in St. James Park, London.   This traveling exhibition, Fields of Battle Lands of Peace, combines photographs taken by Michael St. Saur Sheil with historic background.   The photographer apparently spent seven years exploring WWI battle sites seeking to capture on film their "history and emotion."    The tour opened in Paris April 4, 2014,  in London August 4th, and will open in Strasbourg April 1, 2015.   Even if you cannot see the exhibits, the websites are intriguing and informative...    and    Also, if you happen to be heading to London soon, be sure to visit the Tower of London.   In honor of the centennial of WWI, a ceramic poppy for each Brit who perished in WWI, is being placed in the moat surrounding the Tower.   Not to be missed.    Also, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, St. Paul's Cathedral added two huge cruciforms, each 20 feet tall, created by Gerry Judah.   Each features small models of towns which have been ravaged by war, including those as recent as in Syria.

After writing my earlier response, I studied the website   in more depth.   In the Resources section, the photographer addresses the question of battlefield tours.   Apparently, Michael St Saur Sheil works with Clive Harris through Battle Honours Tours.   A link to their company is in the Resources section.   While I cannot comment on their tours, I appreciate his knowledge and insight into the events and emotion of WWI.

Road Scholar has a program with lecturs and some field trips you might want to look at.